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Riverside police today issued a warning to residents that there have been three instances this week when UPS packages were stolen from front porches.

Packages were stolen from the porches of two homes adjacent to each other in the first block of South Herbert Road, said Police Chief Thomas Weitzel. Christmas presents valued at $500 were stolen from one front porch on Dec. 13, said Weitzel, while the next-door neighbor’s house was targeted on Dec. 14.

In the latter incident, the homeowner arrived home at 4 p.m. and saw two packages on the front porch. She went inside and came back out to get the packages 20 minutes later, but they were gone. The boxes reportedly contained dolls valued at $200.

Then at 2:45 p.m. today, Weitzel said police received a report of another similar theft in the 100 block of East Burlington Street. No further details about that incident were available.

Police are encouraging anyone expecting a delivery to leave a note on the porch with instructions on where to leave the packages if no one is home or to have the packages delivered to a trusted neighbor.