Some familiar faces in town have decided it’s time for a change in their lives. Merrill Becker has resigned his post as Trustee of Triton College, where after 22 years he was the longest sitting trustee.

Becker felt that it was “time for somebody else” to take his seat and submitted his resignation in December. He stated he was happy the way Triton has progressed over the years of his tenure.

When asked what he felt was his biggest accomplishment he noted, “I kept my nose out of the president’s business and let them run the school.”

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mark Stephens, when speaking about Becker stated, “His leadership qualities and commitment to our students are to be admired, and he leaves behind an outstanding legacy of service and dedication to Triton College.”

The comment was made by Stephens in a newsletter sent to residents of the Triton District.

Becker, who heads up Merrill Becker and Associates, a real estate firm in Oak Park will now have more time to devote to his family and, in particular, his two granddaughters.

Those of you who may frequent the First American Bank in Riverside will notice the absence of a familiar face that of Dan DeLeonardis. Dan has been at the bank for over 25 years and was always the first to greet customers.

DeLeonardis, aside from the banking profession, was active with the Riverside Chamber of Commerce and the Riverside Township Lions Club. A former resident of Riverside and Westchester, he now resides at The British Home and can look forward to spending more time with his friends.

Election time also can be the cause for change, some planned and some not planned. In the case of the Democratic committeeman for Riverside Township, the change is by choice.

After 31 years, John Toman has decided not to run again for the post. Toman, an attorney from Riverside and a graduate of Riverside-Brookfield High School has put his Riverside home up for sale to spend time at his home in Michigan.

Toman comes from a political family. His late father, Dr. Andrew Toman, served as Cook County coroner. His mother Emily, also from a political family, was known for her many philanthropic works through various organizations.

Toman is being honored for his years as Committeeman at a get-together on Jan. 16 at Johnny B’s in Brookfield.

We wish all the men the best as they enter a new phase in their lives.