New blood needed in local politics

Lately we have had a run of politicians who have big bank rolls. The guy with the most cash wins the election not the most qualified.

We also keep seeing the retread politicians, people who run over and over again, but lose, so they run for something else. It doesn’t matter if it’s Brookfield or Cook County.

Why do voters keep getting a chance to vote for guys like Bill Russ? Why can’t these guys get the picture? You lost because you’re stale bread. Its time to get new blood running in our local government, not the same old retreads.

Do you go out and buy used tires for your car? Do you expect tires that already have 35,000 miles and several patches to get you through the next four years? Not unless you want to be stranded on the side of the road with a useless car jack in your hand.

I don’t care who you vote for, but I’m sick of retreads like Bill Russ.

John Shepley

Cook ‘extraordinary’ candidate for lieut. governor

There is an extraordinary young candidate running for statewide office that deserves your consideration on Feb. 2. Dennis Cook, a Republican, is running for lieutenant governor, and in a time where we need bright young leaders with effective track records and a genuine desire to serve the people, Dennis emerges as a uniquely qualified candidate for this position.

His first opportunity to serve came in 2003. At the age of 24, he ran for a school board seat in his hometown of Orland Park. This district includes Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew high schools. At the time he ran, the school board was in disarray after an extremely expensive renovation project went wrong and the district was lost millions of dollars.

Dennis led a group of candidates that opposed the sitting board with innovative and effective ideas and won. Dennis was the youngest elected official in the state of Illinois that year at the age of 25.

In two years, Dennis and the board balanced the budget, completed the renovation in respectable way, and in 2005 was nominated school board president, a position he currently holds. As school districts have run into significant deficits since the economy faltered, District 230 maintained a surplus and does to this day.

Dennis throughout this time has also been the chairman of the Illinois Young Republicans but has now decided to run for statewide office. It is a great time for a young person with a proven track record of handling public money to be in Springfield.

I have known Dennis for 13 years and can attest that both the individual and the candidate are of the highest ethical standards and deserving of your vote. Some of Dennis’ opponents are using his age as an issue insisting it points to a lack of experience. I ask you to not confuse age with accomplishment because Dennis’ track record speaks for itself. It is long over due that we have representation in Springfield that stands for the values and fiscal responsibility we deserve, with an actual record of doing so.

Please vote for my friend Dennis Cook on Feb. 2 and make him the next lieutenant governor of Illinois.

John V. Gelsomino

Crossing the aisle vote Allegretti

I am writing in support of John M. Allegretti for the Riverside Township Democratic Committeeman. I am a longtime resident of Riverside and consider myself a Republican. However, it is very rare that one has an opportunity to elect someone like John into a public office. That is why I am taking a Democratic ballot and voting for John Allegretti on Feb. 2.

I have known John and his family my entire life. He is one of nine children. They are all hard-working and have strong ties to the community. John is one of the most ethical, honest and hard working people I know. He worked his way through college and law school doing manual labor (painting, construction, moving, etc.).

John is dedicated to his wife, Shannon, two children and the community. He is not a politician, but I have no doubt he will be a great Democratic committeeman.

Renee Moravek