We all thought that the painful and obnoxious sounds of train whistles would be much better and maybe even gone by the end of January. This is what we were more or less hopeful for by your articles in this newspaper.

Either we were misled by politians or village officials, or the idiots who drive the trains and blow their loud horns many times without reason, day and especially night, don’t have anyone to tell them the rules of their job.

For the poor citizens of Riverside, North Riverside and Berwyn who live within blocks of the Canadian National tracks, enough is enough. If the new rule is supposed to be that the trains only blow their horns when necessary, the people who run the trains and the company must not talk to each other or are just plain brain dead.

Whoever is responsible for enacting this new regulation for these trains has been seriously misled, and its about time to take action to make them comply with this new regulation or take the consequences.

How about a nice big fine for the railroad? Our towns could use the money.

Edward Jana