Nothing can be as warm and comforting on these cold, blustery days of winter than curling up in your favorite chair wrapped in a blanket and reading a good book, particularly if it’s a cookbook.

Now you may be the type of person who is always searching for a new recipe to try, or intend to try, or you may simply be one who likes to collect cookbooks. Not being sure which category I fall into, I am anticipating the latest book of recipes compiled by the Hollywood School PTA.

Intended as a fund-raiser for the school, the book “Hollywood Cooks” is at the printer and will be available at the beginning of April. According to Laura Meehan of the Hollywood PTA, who spearheaded the project, a book of this type previously has not been done by the school, unless you remember one done many, many years ago which was type-written and mimeographed.

Meehan and her committee, which she termed “a small, great group,” sought out many to contribute their recipes. Families, faculty, children and staff currently at Hollywood School lent their favorites, as well as past family members, Superintendent Jonathan Lamberson and members of the District 96 board of education.

Stepping outside the school, recipes can be found from local officials, members of the fire department (aren’t firefighters supposed to be good cooks?) and members of the business community and the Hollywood Community Association.

Recipes will not be the only thing to read on the pages of the book. It will include a history of Hollywood School, which was built to serve those youngsters west of First Avenue.

Meehan stated the book will contain “tried-and-true recipes” and will make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, a hostess gift or just for yourself to have for years to come.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Hollywood PTA which, in turn, helps out the school in various ways. Meehan said that there will be a limited number of books available, and while some will be for sale in area businesses, pre-orders are being accepted.

The cost of “Hollywood Cooks” is $20 and can be pre-ordered by e-mailing Laura Meehan at

That’s it; I’m going to order my cookbook as soon as I sign off!