Entitlements, the cost of Social Security and Medicare, are of great concern. There are other costly, growing entitlements. Big banks think they are entitled to protection to maintain large salaries and bonuses and insurance companies act as if they are entitled to drop customers and raise premiums to increase their profit margin. I am concerned about these expanding entitlements.

On Feb. 16, Family USA released a report “Lives on the Line” stating over 200,000 lives have been lost since 1995 due to lack of access to health care. That is well over 50 Twin Towers in 15 years.

I don’t have the money to compete with the lobbyists representing the big banks, the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, but I have found a way to convey my message and I urge others to join me.

The Campaign for Better Health Care is promoting the Old Shoes campaign. Constituents drop off a pair of old shoes at your congressman’s office with a written message. The message could be a personal story related to accessing health care or a message of concern for the people dying because of lack of access to health care. Each message is to emphasize that Congress needs to act on health care reform now and get the job done.

Addresses for local Congressmen are: District 3, Dan Lipinski at 19 W. Hillgrove in LaGrange and District 7, Danny Davis at 2301 W. Roosevelt Road in Broadview.

The full Family USA publication “Lives on the Line, The Deadly Consequence of Delaying Health Reform” is available at www.familiesusa.org. Get It Done Shoe Campaign information can be found at www.cbhconline.org/getitdone.

Sandra Baumgardner