School board President James Marciniak and Interim Superintendent David Bonnette said Monday night that Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208 will try to pass a referendum next year to increase its tax rate and raise revenue to rectify RB’s deteriorating financial condition.

At a public forum concerning RB’s financial situation Monday night, Bonnette said that the referendum date will likely be April 5, 2011.

After the forum Marciniak agreed with that assessment and called the forum a first step in educating the public about RB’s financial condition.

“This is only the first of many steps in the public education task that we have here,” Marciniak. “I need to get the same message out and create the same understanding of what’s going on here to the other 18,000 voters in the district so that everyone understands what we’re all talking about when we have a referendum vote next year.”

-Bob Skolnik