We will call this “The Case of the Stolen Chocolate Bunny: An Easter Tale.” The story, which is true, took place over 20 years ago in Riverside at a location which some of you may remember as the earlier site of Aunt Diana’s Fudge Shop on East Burlington Street.

The characters in this story are the shop’s proprietor, the late Gerry Gits; his employees, Patty Miglore, Carol Kraus and Bob Kraus; and two perpetrators whose names remain a mystery.

It was the week before Easter and Gits was preparing a large chocolate bunny which was to be the centerpiece for the store’s Easter window. Chocolate was in the large mold, setting, before the mold could be removed to reveal a 70-pound delectable masterpiece.

Upon checking the progress of his candy bunny, Gits, to his astonishment, discovered the mold was missing. After questioning the employees, he realized it had been stolen. Immediately the group fanned out in a dragnet, only to learn two bunny snatchers with obvious sweet teeth were making their way down the street with the large chocolate mold.

The thieves’ efforts proved fruitless, however. When Gits and his employees caught up with the pair, they were trying to open the mold. Only the chocolate had not set, leaving them with a gooey chocolate mess. The police arrived and were prepared to haul the scoundrels off to the calaboose, but the bad guys were lucky – Gits agreed not to press charges.

The mold, with the oozing chocolate inside suffered some damage but was repaired in time to be used again, and a chocolate bunny was back in its place in time for Easter.

Now every year since that time, a large chocolate bunny has been made by Patty Miglore, who was there at the time of the crime, and it sits proudly in the window at Easter time.

It is watched carefully so it does not meet the fate of the earlier bunny. The all-chocolate bunny still weighs around 70 pounds and if you were to purchase it, it carries a price tag of over $420.

But never fear, chocolate lovers, the store carries a full line of chocolate bunnies in milk chocolate, white chocolate and the ever-healthy dark chocolate. You will find the delectable items in many sizes and different mold shapes. If bunnies aren’t your thing, what can be better than a personalized chocolate egg?

There isn’t a right or a wrong way to eat a chocolate bunny, but I think more people start with the ears. With a bunny cake, however, they start at the other end. Now there’s some deep thinking!