From time to time I digress from the usual with this column and this is one of those times. The reasons vary. Today it could be a touch of spring fever, the home opener for the Cubs, or I didn’t get all my info for another column. Pick any of those reasons and you will be right. I mention the Cubs because I am a fan (I do watch the Sox also so don’t send any letters) and as I do each year I greet the season with hope and anticipation that this could be the year.

Lots of improvements made to the “Friendly Confines” under the new ownership of the Ricketts family. Of course, with those improvements comes higher ticket prices. I will be viewing games at home, after all isn’t the reason we purchased a big screen TV was to watch sporting events? I had to convince husband Joe of the fact since he thought it was to watch “Law and Order” or the Food Channel.

Speaking of “Law and Order,” and here I go off the path, a new addition to the show is the casting of Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (an Academy Award nominee). She just happens to be the sister of Riverside resident Adele DiNatale. And that is the closest I will probably get to a TV star! Be sure to watch.

Of course there is another local connection to TV especially for those of you who are devotees of “Desperate Housewives.” It is written and has been produced by R-B grad Bob Daily, so watch the credits to see his name. Daily was honored by his alma mater as a recipient of the Alumni Achievement Medal at R-B in 2004. He graduated in 1978. Which brings to mind the alumni committee is seeking more nominations for the honor and will be accepting nominations through April. Forms may be obtained by contacting the superintendent’s office at 442-7500. So if you know someone you feel should be recognized be sure to nominate them.

Winner, winner Chicken Dinner! Yes folks, this Sunday is the Riverside Township Lions Club Chicken Dinner at the Riverside Township Hall. It is another reason you won’t have to cook and you will be supporting the Lions and their efforts. There will be food, music, and raffles. What a better way to spend the day and visit with friends. Hope to see you there. I think they may even have me working! Yikes!