When reunion committees get together for planning such events, it is inevitable that conversation drifts to remembering people, places and things and tends to take over from the business at hand. The reunion committee for the class of 1960 from Riverside-Brookfield High School, who are celebrating their 50-year reunion in September, is no different.

Working its way into the conversation was the parcels of land on which the North Riverside Village Commons and the Fire Department are now. Perhaps it was because Adrienne Fukal Smith, a committee member, brought up the Czech Lodge Restaurant, owned by the Fukal family.

Known for its fine dining, it was the type of eatery where you went to relax because, while the service was good, it took awhile to be served between courses. I remember there being a lot of wood in the restaurant, which gave it a warm feeling, but, alas, it is no more.

The golfers in the group started to talk about the Stop ‘n’ Sock, which actually was a golf range owned by Fred Wilson. It was a natural location for a driving range, with the Riverside Golf Club being across the street.

Teen boys liked working at the golf range, particularly if you got to drive the cart around to retrieve the golf balls. Luckily, it was a protected cart because many an errant golf ball found its way to the moving target. Wilson was active in the Village of North Riverside and was one of those who formed the Riverside-North Riverside Little League.

And who could forget Melody Mill Ballroom? It was probably one of the last bastions of another era. The dancing wasn’t as we see on “Dancing with the Stars,” but it definitely was worth watching as couples sashayed their way around the huge floor to a live dance band.

As you can tell, part of the fun of being on a reunion committee is the committee itself. The RB class of 1960 prides itself on having a weekend reunion with something for everyone. Scheduled for homecoming weekend on Sept. 17 and 18 will be a dinner for the class on Friday night and an “open night” for friends of the class. It’s going to be a “sock-hop” type of evening with pizza and “sliders” and a golf-outing. For more info go to the Web site. Find the link by googling “bulldogsunitenow.”

Also get a chance to see your classmates and friends at the RB Blast from the Past at Kiwanis Park in Brookfield on Aug. 21.