Any party that claims the support of responsible and concerned Americans must subscribe to and support a program that includes the following features:

Reduce and stabilize taxes by reforming the income tax procedure and setting limits.

Review and delete obsolete and unnecessary programs to reduce expenses. Review entitlement programs to ensure that the worthy receive support but that fraud and unqualified applicants are rejected.

Develop and provide a “workfare” program designed to create job

opportunities for citizens seeking work.

The health care program should be reformed to establish clinics nationwide for emergency care for all citizens. Interstate competition should be encouraged to reduce costs. A “fair-plan” coverage should be developed to cover pre-existing conditions. Drug purchases should be purchased on a competitive basis.

Tort-reform is essential. Limitations must be set on awards and attorney fees.

Immigration laws must be strictly enforced. Illegal immigrants should be deported. Review panels should review exceptional situations and provide solutions.

English should be our official language. All governmental agencies utilize English only. Bilingual adaptation may be utilized by private enterprise but not at public expense.

All elected offices should be subject to term limitations.

The right to possess firearms must be confirmed. Laws should be enforced against illegal use of firearms.

Abortion should be prohibited with special review in cases of rape, or health situations.

Tax incentives should be restored for business, homeowners and investors.

Our diplomatic stature should be restored by providing economic assistance in exchange for peaceful endeavors, rejecting sales of arms or war materials and distributing food, medicine and materials designed to improve life.

Special investigative committees should consistently root out corruption by indictment and imprisonment of inept, incompetent and criminal political persons.

To avoid being labeled “the party of no” an active campaign should begin to pursue all or at least most of these proposals.

Richard A. Dolejs