Think the Recreation Referendum no longer matters? Think again.

True, the rec takeover by the RCA was mostly about power, not policy. But the recent policy decision to defer funding of the statutorily mandated municipal pension until some later, unspecified date demonstrates the clear danger of acquiescing to the will of this “gang of four”; when given the power, their policies will plunder the present at the expense of the future (not to mention current property values).

The RCA’s approach to governance is a throwback to the “cheap” old days when prudent and necessary investments were deferred waiting for something to break – and we have the highest water rates in the area as a daily reminder of why this approach is such a dismal failure.

What’s the cost of deferring expenses? In the case of water, it’s somewhere between 210 percent (our markup of McCook’s price) and 486 percent (the ultimate markup of Chicago’s rate). Being “cheap” comes with quite a hefty price tag.

By voting “Rec Yes” we can send a clear message to the village board majority that we disapprove of what they’re doing, and we’re not going to just stand by and let it happen.

Kevin F. Smith