Riverside trustees Monday night voted unanimously to give Village Manager Peter Scalera a raise and changed two other provisions in his contract, concerning vacation time and his village-supplied car.

Scalera, who celebrated his one-year anniversary as village manager on Oct. 1, received a 3-percent raise in his annual base salary to $117,420. He previously was paid $114,000. When he was hired, the village board gave Scalera a four-year contract. Monday’s vote represents an amendment to the contract, but does not extend it.

With respect to vacation time, Scalera previously was entitled to vacation time per the village’s employee manual. The amended contract allows Scalera to accrue or take up to 20 vacation days per year.

In addition, the board changed the language of Scalera’s contract regarding the use of his village vehicle. In the original contract, the village-owned vehicle was to be used exclusively for “business purposes only” and specifically prohibited Scalera from using it for personal purposes.

Now Scalera can use his village-supplied vehicle “for business use and limited personal use.” The contract defines that personal use as “reasonable personal use during lunch hours, break times or other reasonable personal use … on workdays.”

The village pays for all expenses related to that vehicle, including insurance, maintenance and gasoline.

Other provisions in Scalera’s contract remain the same. The village contributes money for Scalera’s pension to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund and another $2,000 per year to the International Management Association Retirement Corporation.

The village also provides health benefits per the village’s employee manual and pays the premium for a life insurance policy.

The amended contract is retroactive to Oct. 1.

– Bob Uphues