I have been a longtime client of Linda Sokol Francis of Brookfield. She has wisely assisted my husband and me with our financial plans for many years. Linda is a brilliant, driven individual, committed to her community. We’ve always had the utmost respect for her and value her guidance.

We’ve enjoyed watching the progress of her community center/church project on Grand Boulevard from the very beginning. What a magnificent project it was. Sadly, though, we’ve just learned that the project was voted down by the Brookfield village board.

Certainly, only good could have come from the community center/church. It would have served the residents of Brookfield and surrounding communities with excellent programs and beautiful facilities. I simply don’t understand the opposition to Linda’s project.

Would you rather have another vacant lot or boarded-up businesses in Brookfield? The center would have breathed new life into the Eight Corners business district. In a still very rough economic environment, one would assume a town would welcome this type of development.

What’s wrong with Brookfield?

Eileen J. Podock