Snow fun? No fun! One does get to a certain age when lots of snow is not a great time. You no longer want to go and make snow angels or go sledding down at Swan Pond, although a good snowball fight still might be fun.

I did not need to check to see if there would be a day off from school, which I used to do when I was a student and a teacher. I know I can just stay home and watch the flakes (snow) blow around.

Preparing for a big storm takes some thought, including heading to the store before the shelves are empty. I thought since I had purchased a new snow brush the predictions were exaggerated, and it was just a ruse to get people shopping. Wrong!

I made my trek and got what I felt I would need to carry us over – stuff to make a big pot of soup, toilet paper, canned goods and tuna fish, just in case. Now the tuna fish came to mind because during the big one of ’67, we lived with my parents and my mother (a good cook she was), always had tuna fish handy, just in case. Well, we got close to that “just in case” time back then, and it was surprising how inventive she could be with tuna fish. So I always keep a couple of cans on hand.

Many had to change their plans, why even Tumbleweed the groundhog at the Brookfield Zoo had her big day changed. In anticipation of the storm the Brookfield Zoo had her make her appearance on Feb. 1. Now, I have stated I don’t have much faith in the prediction of a groundhog, but I understand she saw her shadow, which means an early spring. I hope she’s right, and I’ll become a believer.

After the storm hit, I did what many of you did, which was not much. I did make the pot of soup, read some, watched some TV and looked out the window for animal tracks in the snow. It’s fun to try to identify them. I ventured outside and it didn’t matter whether I saw my shadow or not, because I went right back in the house.

So now we wait for the snow to go away and hope that Tumbleweed is right. In the meantime, I’ll keep the soup pot going and the tuna fish on the shelf.