I would like to thank James Keen for eloquently putting into words the ramblings of a grumpy old fart who’s damn tired of both our school districts reaching into the taxpayers’ cookie jar to grab a handful of cash whenever they came up short (“Crucial to get right people for RBHS school board,” Letters, Jan. 26).

We all can agree that the biggest problems are the lack of the state’s positive involvement and the power of the teachers unions. The only change I would suggest to his choice of board members is not to have any members with children in school, but add single parents trying to make ends meet and older retired members of the community trying to live on a fixed income.

As to combining the three elementary districts and Riverside-Brookfield High School into one more efficient school district, I would suggest this be done now before RBHS hires a new superintendent.

Speaking of that, why do the final two interviews have to be held over dinner at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook? It’s this kind of frivolous spending that irritates taxpayers. Good God, it’s a job interview, not a date!

Frank Vlazny