Let me start by saying I truly appreciate the men and women who risk their lives to serve and protect us. That being said, after reading the article on the police contract negotiations (“Brookfield inks 2-year deal with cops,” News, Feb. 16) I was very disappointed.

It was really nice that they went a whole year with a pay freeze, but are they aware that the village still has budget problems? I am glad that Mr. Ginex is very happy that the negotiations went smoothly. It seems to me that it did not take much to get the trustees to roll over and give in to avoid drama or bad feelings from the police.

They are going to pay a whole 2.5 percent more towards there healthcare to get a 2.5 percent raise in salary plus step raises. Thanks but it will still cost the village $39,000 it does not have. They couldn’t go one more year before cashing in?

Don’t you do your job because you want to serve and protect, or is it for the money and pension? Yes put off upgrading the server so it can crash again and keep the village offices useless for another day. Will the police and firemen carry people downstairs when the elevator breaks? Not everyone has the ability to use the stairs.

How many taxpayers in this village have not only given up raises but took pay cuts just to keep their jobs? Does anyone watch the news? There have been hundreds of police officers laid off in some of the poorest parts of the country. Be grateful we are not in that position.

The firefighters union vowed not to accept another pay freeze. Or what? You won’t show up if my house is on fire? It is in poor taste to threaten taxpayers. I would gladly pay them the money they ask for when the village can afford it.

Maybe we should start with taking some money from Mr. Ginex’s salary since he is so happy. I for one am glad it is an election year.

Valerie Koerner