A man accused of breaking into a Riverside home last September, sparking a three-hour manhunt that ended when bloodhounds found him hiding a block away, will go to trial Monday at the Maybrook courthouse.

Martin J. Canonico, 58, of
Westchester has been in Cook County Jail since his arrest on burglary and battery charges. A reputed gang member with a string of prior convictions for burglary, Canonico is accused of entering a home in the 200 block of

Addison Road
. When confronted by a female resident of the home, Canonico reportedly claimed to be a landscaper and a painter before fleeing from the house.

The woman chased Canonico down near Cowley and Shenstone, but he allegedly punched her and knocked her down before running away. Police cordoned off the area near the

Addison Road
home and founding him hiding nearby three hours later.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

On Feb. 23 Canonico, wearing a tan prison scrubs set off by a shock of white hair and a bushy white mustache, appeared before Judge Noreen Love for a pre-trial hearing. At that hearing, Love allowed prosecutors to enter Canonico’s long history of residential burglaries as evidence.

The prosecutor argued that the evidence be allowed to show Canonico’s method of operation, posing as a handyman or other tradesman in order to gain entry to homes and then burglarize them.

Detailing cases that went back to 1989, the prosecutor noted that Canonico had received a 10-year prison sentence for burglary in 2002. Love allowed the evidence over the objections of Canonico’s attorney, who stated the prior incidents would be “prejudicial” and had nothing to do establishing Canonico’s identity as the perpetrator in the current case.

On Monday, jurors are expected to be chosen to hear the case, according to
Riverside police.