Chris Waas

Home: North Riverside

Age: 47

Profession: I am an engineer at Haskris Company. Haskris specializes in Custom Process Fluid Chillers.

Community / Political experience:
2004 – Komarek School District 94 Tax Referendum Finance Chairman
2007 – Komarek School District 94 School Board
2007 – Komarek School District 94 School Board Vice President

Other / Professional experience:
I am married with seven children. I currently have three children at Komarek, two Komarek graduates at Riverside Brookfield High School, one Komarek graduate in college at Milwaukee School of Engineering and one Komarek graduate in college at the University of Illinois-Chicago. I also have seven nieces and nephews currently attending Komarek School.

Over the past 25 years I have progressively advanced through numerous technical and managerial positions. Responsibilities have included the administration of budgets and completing capital projects.

As a board member for the past four years, I have been honored to serve during this period of growth and improvement at Komarek School. I am interested in continuing to serve in this capacity because Komarek School is one of the most important aspects of the community.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1985

List the top challenges facing this board and how you would address them:
1) Major cuts in school funding and unfunded mandates.

Continue to manage our budget wisely, especially now in a recessed economy.

2) Rising academic expectations

Continue to grow in our ability to provide a relevant, high-quality educational experience for our students.


Patricia A. Martinson

Home: North Riverside

Age: 49

Profession: Accounts Payable Coordinator

Community / Political experience:
Current School Board Member Komarek School District 94
Member Komarek PTA

Other / Professional experience: Experience working in a large law firm in Chicago.

Robert Morris College
Riverside Brookfield High School

List the top challenges facing this board and how you would address them:
1) Meeting NCLB and ISAT restrictions – We have increased instructional time with a new enrichment program this year and are looking at other ways to increase instructional time to meet the NCLB and ISAT requirements.

2) Academic Funding – Unfortunately with the State Income Tax increase school districts will not see any of the money until 2014, we will have to find  ways to cut costs without jeopardizing the quality education that we are giving the children in District 94.


Jonathan M Hoadley

Home: Broadview

Age: 43

Profession: Fire Lieutenant, Village of Broadview Fire Department.

Community / Political experience: Cub Scout Pack 120 leader (Assistant Cub Master) since 2005.

Other / Professional experience: Public education in CPR and First aid. I am a Faculty Associate with the AHA; I’m certified as a CPR Instructor Trainer.

Education: Some college, continuing working towards my degree at Triton College.

List the top challenges facing this board and how you would address them: The most pressing challenges we have is to provide the best educational experience for our children while staying within budgetary constraints. We need to be able to attract the best teachers possible in a highly competitive environment, we need to keep our infrastructure updated, and we need to be able to advance new educational techniques, all while we face tax cuts, federal and state funding shortfalls and a public perception that is more critical of school leaders actions than ever before in history.


Al Sarro

Home: North Riverside

Age: 43

Profession: Director of Residential Valuation, Cook County Assessor’s Office

Community / Political experience:
Komarek School Board Member, Dist. 94, May 2009-present
North Riverside Little League Board member, 2002-2005 and 2010-present
Active in civic and community organizations

Other / Professional experience:
Represented School Board District 94 in the negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement with North Riverside Education Association.
Currently serve on the long range and education committees.
Participated in the first union negotiation contract at the Cook County Assessor’s Office, 2009.
Chair and vice chair of metropolitan jurisdiction council of international association of assessors 2008-2010.

Masters of Science, Accounting, Dominican University, 1993
Bachelor of Science, Finance, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1989

List the top challenges facing this board and how you would address them: School funding and diminishing revenues will continue to challenge District 94 and others districts in the area. As a board we need to work in conjunction with the administration and teachers to ensure that academic demands are met with the least amount of cuts to personnel and programs. Also the board needs to continue to work with the administration to ensure that every child is provided the best possible education.


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