I have known Doris Stanek in a variety of capacities for many years. She was my teacher, my goddaughter’s teacher and my children’s teachers’ advisor. I saw her take a pay cut 23 years ago in order to come work in District 95.

I saw her receive her bachelor’s and her master’s in education while changing the lives of over 5,000 children and fellow teachers along the way – students and teachers who voted her into America’s Who’s Who of Teaching in 2004.

Doris Stanek has proven that she is the one to turn to in District 95. Over the years I have witnessed, not only past and present students turn to Doris for advice and support but, other teachers, administrators and families of her students. Doris Stanek’s reputation in District 95 is one of trust, action and accomplishment.

Students, parents and peers know if they want something done, or have a question, that Doris Stanek is the one to go to first. They also know their request will be met with an open mind, understanding, expertise and professionalism.

She retired last year and is now available to continue the amazing work she’s been doing for D95 for over 23 years, all we have to do is vote her in.

Cathy Stanek-Whisler