I ask people to support David Kodama in his candidacy for the District 96 Board of Education. I have known David, his wife Anne, and their two children, Ryan and Kit, for the past five years and am very pleased that he has put himself forward to serve on the district board. In fact, I chose the word “serve” intentionally, as I believe that is the way David views his candidacy.

David will approach the task of serving on the board with a desire to truly understand, a determination to go beyond superficial answers and a passion to achieve best possible solutions that will support the core education mission and the needs of all the students.

Our children have had very high-quality experiences in the district schools to date. But with significant decisions coming to this next board, such as replacing key leadership, it is critical that this next board be ready to roll up their sleeves and make informed and thoughtful decisions.

So please support David Kodama with your vote in the upcoming election.

Anthony J. Perry