RB students are marching for a tax increase. This is an act that they literally will pay for – for the rest of their lives.

There is one segment of society that will almost always endorse higher taxes, that is those who do not pay taxes. But, the joke will be on them when they begin to work and pay taxes. They will find that they pushed to have more of their money taken from them for the benefit of people making more money than the taxpayers funding them.

I have a two-flat that I purchased in 1984. At that time the property taxes were $1,600 per year. Last year the taxes were almost $11,000. This is almost 700 percent of what they were in 1984. The rents have only doubled over these years.

Each year, I pay in real estate taxes the equivalent of a new Cadillac, a CTS, not the big one. And, not the V Series. Nonetheless, this is a very nice car.

I have one car, a 10-year-old Oldsmobile. If someone from RB could please answer two questions. How much more do you want? Should I make plans now to sell my car?

Paul Szachnitowski