I am making a simple request of the voters of Brookfield: Choose your candidates carefully. Do not choose a candidate because some people say it is a good idea to put members of two separate parties on the village board for the sake of having two parties.

The party a candidate belongs to on Election Day should not be the test. Kit Ketchmark used to be with Bill Russ and VIP. Bill Russ used to be with PEP and every other party the last 25 years that let him join. Ryan Evans was not even involved in the PEP Party just a few years ago. The current board is made up of independent thinkers and does not always agree on everything.

Instead, look at the people. Look at their education, their record of being involved in community events and their past record in office. These are the criteria that make the most sense.

Yes, when you look a those criteria you will choose Ryan Evans, Kit Ketchmark and C.P. Hall, and, yes, they are from the PEP Party. I know this letter will generate sarcastic reply letters and anonymous comments online about how the current village president is endorsing his party members … but look at why.

All three are college graduates, C.P. Hall is a Vietnam War veteran, Kit Ketchmark is a Brookfield business owner. Ryan and Kit are lifelong residents. C.P. is the newcomer in the group, living here for only 35 years. All three of them are veteran public servants who you see volunteering everywhere, not just showing up at election time.

All I ask is you compare candidates carefully and remember actions speak louder than words. Vote for Evans, Ketchmark and Hall for village trustee.

Michael J. Garvey

Michael J. Garvey is Brookfield village president.