Our family has had a close association with RB High School for over 50 years as students, school board members and members and officers of parent groups; currently our third generation is enrolled as students.

Over the years we have seen the quality of the education at RB grow and have become proud of the accomplishments our school achieved through diligence and hard work on the part of all those involved.

This is not the time to let quality diminish in today’s competitive society. Failure to pass the referendum would be a step back for RB and our present and future students would be the losers.

Failure to pass the referendum and the proposed cuts to the curriculum and extra-curricular programs would have a profound effect on the students. Through many of the classes, students have been able to find their direction as they continue on their journey through life.

Likewise those extra-curricular activities have taught them how to become leaders and/or work with groups. We have heard how they have been out in the community to help, and we have applauded them as they won awards on the local, state and national level.

We see how through achieving a quality education at RB, students are continuing their education many on scholarships. We can be proud of what they have accomplished. We as a community have an obligation to help in the education of all students and foster in them a sense of pride in their school and not let them down.

Our students need the support of the community and you can show them your support by voting “yes” on April 5.

Joe and JoAnne Kosey