I suggest everyone log on to the pro-RBHS referendum site www.yesrbhs.org. It’s full of information about what a great school RBHS is – something that makes us all proud.

If you click on the “At Risk” tab, you’ll see the threat that the future success of the school will be compromised if the referendum does not pass.

But why should it? Why would the quality of education be affected if the referendum is voted down? Why should the school’s state ranking and test scores drop?

Our outstanding teachers (probably with a few less) will still teach, students will learn, and there will be a graduating class of well-prepared students at the end of every year.

Of course, we’ll have to do all this with less. And, for those who want to keep the extracurricular programs, you can still have them. You’ll just have to pay – like the rest of us.

Frank Stransky