It is the local school board that has the authority to approve the curriculum and has the responsibility of hiring and evaluating a superintendent. Soon we will be electing new board members for Riverside-Brookfield High School.

A healthy school board has a wonderful influence on the spirit of the community. Building a strong relation with the public shows us respect and trust from the board. I am going to vote for the candidates who understand the community and have an organized, caring vision of making good things happen.

Dr. John Keen and Garry Gryczan are well qualified to face a formidable challenge.

Jane Harps


I am writing in support of Dr. John Keen, a candidate for the Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208 school board. I have known John for 36 years and attended RBHS with him back in the 1970s. He has always been a leader among his peers.

With his background as a medical doctor as well as holding an MBA, rest assured that rational, informed decisions are part of his daily life. I believe he will serve our school and community well. He will not be a “rubber stamp” school board member.

If the referendum should pass he will be mindful of where that money comes from and sympathetic to the property taxpayers that are already overburdened. His decisions will always be well thought out.

If the referendum should fail to pass, he will work with what he has been given – always putting the student first, which, of course, should be everyone’s main priority, right?

Russell A. Kesman, D.D.S.
LaGrange Park


To all of the District 208 families, I am writing to state that Garry Gryczan is the best candidate for Riverside-Brookfield High School Board of Education. I have known Garry and Cathy through their three children and their tireless volunteer work to make our community a better place for our children.

Garry does not take his volunteer work lightly, and with his deep financial background (CFO, MBA-University of Chicago), Garry’s the right choice to help RB’s administration with the difficult budgetary issues the school is facing.

I know Garry will take his position on the school board seriously, and he will do what is right for not only the students at RB, but will be a great steward of fiscal responsibility.

Garry Gryczan is running with Dr. John Keen, a Brookfield resident, RB grad and also possesses a strong financial background.

The caliber and background of these two will serve our community well and will help RB through the current tough economic times.

Please join me and vote for Gryczan and Keen for the RB High School Board of Education.

Kathy Dudek


We are pleased to endorse Dr. John Keen for RB High School Board of Education. Dr. Keen and his wife, Kathleen, are wonderful parents who share their time, talent and resources with the surrounding communities of RB High School. They are actively involved with the schools their children currently attend, RB High School and St. Louise de Marillac. We have known the Keen family through these schools over the last decade.

Before Dr. Keen was in medical school, he worked as an economist and a ratepayer advocate for the state of California’s Public Utilities Commission, so he has professional experience applying economic principles.

He has the background to be able to act as a taxpayer advocate while helping to make good decisions for the future of educating students at RBHS. Dr. Keen also has daily experience in his profession asking tough questions, seeking out alternatives and researching solutions. Dr. Keen’s drive and passion make him the logical choice for the RB school board.