District 96 is a recognized leader in providing high-quality education to our community’s children. Ensuring that track record continues requires the experience that Hareena Meghani-Wakely brings to the District 96 board.

Hareena has been a board member for four years and is currently the chair if the Education Committee. Her proven leadership on the board has shown she is an advocate for all the district’s children.

Hareena is not a newcomer to the District 96 schools. Prior to serving on the board she was PTA president at Ames School. There are many challenges facing the new board, including replacing key leadership, which will require the thoughtful and critical thinking Hareena brings to the table.

To continue the success we have come to expect from District 96, please support Hareena Meghani-Wakely for the District 96 school board.

Kirsten and Mark Jantze