Ten teaching positions and 7.4 positions in educational support will be cut at Riverside-Brookfield High School if the April 5 referendum is defeated. At a special meeting Monday night the District 208 school board unanimously voted to approve sending reduction in force (RIF) notices to the affected employees.

As a result of the cuts, 10 RB employees, seven of whom are full-time, would lose their jobs. The other cuts would come from not filling vacancies caused by retirements and leaves of absence and by reducing the hours of some employees.

“This is worst-case scenario without the proceeds of the referendum,” Bonnette said.

The layoffs approved Monday night would save RB $1,369,877 next year, which is $35,820 more in savings than the school board had projected in December.

Three teachers who currently work part time at RB would not be back next year: Laurie Ritchey, a .6 FTE teacher who teaches the CAP class, which is basically ACT test preparation; David Porter, a part-time AP calculus teacher; and Melissa Briskman, who teaches acting.

The CAP class would be eliminated Bonnette said. Briskman gave birth to twins this month.

Kevin Turk and Liz Fredlund, full-time employees who both teach and work in academic support, also would lose their jobs if the referendum is defeated as would administrative clerk Penny Simone and a library aide.

Among the educational support staff slated to lose their jobs if the referendum is defeated, the most notable name is former RB quarterback Tim Brasic who led RB to consecutive 11-1 seasons in 2000 and 2001. Brasic now works at RB in academic support.

Also cut are two full-time special education aides.

If the referendum is approved, it is likely that no one would lose his job.

“In almost all the cases we would be reinstating positions,” Bonnette said.

The RIF notices were approved Monday in order to give employees whose jobs are at risk time to start looking for other jobs. The RIFs would take effect at the end of the school year. State law requires employees to be given 30, 45, or 60 days notice depending on their status.