Regarding the Riverside-Brookfield High School tax referendum on April 5, consider the following, and vote no.

Passage would increase RB’s tax rate 20 percent, resulting in a corresponding tax increase. RB already receives more than one quarter of your recent property tax payment.

The school has managed to raise their tax receipts 245 percent over the last 10 years and is now asking for a 5.55 percent increase for next year.

The 2008 five-year teachers’ contract gave teachers a 30 percent raise (5.58 percent compounded for five years). At that rate the average pay for RB teachers would grow from $86,000 to almost $112,000.

Today there are 10 teachers making an average of $100,000 for the school year.

Meanwhile, seniors on Social Security who pay their share of taxes have not seen an increase in the last two years. Sixty thousand dollars is the cost per student for four years at RB. Passing this referendum could increase this to $72,000.

It must be some sort of joke if teachers apparently get four weeks of paid vacation before taking the summer off.

The school wants passage of this tax referendum because they are desperate to make up a shortfall resulting from past commitments, proving that school administrators have been poor stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars, while the school board has failed to adequately represent taxpayers when negotiating with the teachers union. If the board does not represent the taxpayers, who does?

The alarm clock has gone off for those in District 208. It is time for us to wake up. Vote no regarding the RB tax referendum on April 5.

Robert W. Sprunger Sr.