District 95 Board
Things have been going pretty well in Brookfield-LaGrange School District 95 in recent years. Despite some turnover at the top level of administration – three superintendents in the past five years – the District 95 Board of Education has been able to focus its efforts on improving not only the curriculum at the district’s two schools but the physical plant as well.

One of the people running for re-election in April, Lynn Waterloo, has been on that board for eight years and has been part of that upward swing. Another, elected four years ago, Christopher
, witnessed the extensive physical improvements to both schools and has grown as a board member during that time.

We are endorsing both for re-election. Both Waterloo and Blackburn have earned our endorsement by not only serving as good stewards of the district for the students there, but they have also been part of a board that has made looking out for taxpayers part the mission.

The contract the board inked with faculty last August was nothing less than revolutionary. It tied future raises to school revenue increases and teacher performance. It eliminated so called step increases, those invisible and automatic pay raises that inflate salaries and push districts into deficit spending and toward tax hike referendums. Notably, they did it with buy-in from the faculty. This was no turf war; this was a board and teachers union looking to the future.

That is the kind of incumbent we feel should be rewarded with support from the community.

We are also endorsing Doris Stanek, a former longtime teacher in the district, who retired last year. Stanek obviously brings a wealth of knowledge to the position.

Being so close to her former colleagues and her vocation as a teacher, we are little concerned she may see herself as a teacher advocate on the board instead of a taxpayer advocate. She has been critical of recent additions to the administrative employee roster, ones we believe will end up helping the district in the long run, but her understanding of education and curriculum can’t be denied.

Also running is Brian Elwart, a father of two district students and a resident of Brookfield. Elwart has a sincere desire to see District 95 continue on its current path, but we feel he could use a bit more familiarity with the position and the issues facing the district in the future.