The election campaign for the Brookfield-Lyons District 103 school board has been a strange one from the get-go.

From a mysterious slate of candidates backed by the village president of Lyons to the various unsuccessful challenges to all of those candidates by a sitting member of the school board to the dismissal from the ballot of an incumbent board member who gave up the fight to remain there, it’s been an unusually strange race.

Why all the drama for a local elementary school board, one that has not been overly political until now?

A few other circumstances make us wary in this race. The district’s parent organizations hosted a candidate forum a few weeks ago where just four of the 10 candidates for office showed. Among those who didn’t show was the entire slate of five candidates backed by the Lyons president.

Those same candidates also completely ignored questionnaires mailed by this newspaper to their addresses. In effect, we’re guessing the people of District 103 know very little about them and what they stand for.

Within the past two weeks, mailings have been sent out in Lyons and Brookfield. Who are they from? It doesn’t say. But the mailing gives the impression of being a sample ballot from the Cook County Clerk, with names of specific candidates listed.

Unsurprisingly, the mailing includes the names of all five of the Lyons president-backed school board candidates in the race but none of the others. It also includes, at least in Brookfield, the names of three village trustee candidates. Why were those included? According to one Brookfield trustee candidate, he has no idea why he’s listed there and doesn’t know where the mailing came from.

The Landmark doesn’t cover Lyons, so we don’t know all of the ins and outs of the village’s political divisions and squabbles. We do know, however, when something doesn’t look right.

As District 103 voters head to the polls next Tuesday, we’d like you to keep some of these shenanigans in mind. We’d also, for the record, like voters to know who took their candidacies seriously enough to spend time addressing voters directly at the public forum and completing questionnaires that are part of our online election guide at

Not surprisingly, they are candidates who have a record of service in their communities and are the kind of candidates we can endorse. Therefore, the Landmark is endorsing David DeLeshe, Joanne Schaeffer and Deanna Viti-Huxhold for four-year terms on the board and John Kiser for the open two-year term.

Endorsement recap

As the April 5 election draws near, here’s a wrap-up of the endorsements for local races we made last week:

Riverside-Brookfield High School tax referendum

Brookfield village trustee
Ryan Evans, C.P. Hall, Kit Ketchmark

North Riverside village trustee
Gary Wittbrodt, Randall Czajka, James Votava

RBHS District 208
Laura Hruska, John Keen, Thomas Powers, Timothy Walsh

Riverside School District 96
David Kodama, Hareena Meghani-Wakely, Arthur Perry

Brookfield-LaGrange Park School District 95
Christopher Blackburn, Doris Stanek, Lynn Waterloo