I find it truly amazing that Riverside-Brookfield High School is asking for a tax increase at precisely the same time that the demonization of teachers is going on in neighboring states like Wisconsin and Ohio, at precisely the same time that House Speaker Madigan is threatening draconian cuts to the TRS pension system, at precisely the same time that the Chicago Tribune reported that TRS was in a $40 billion hole with a possible 20-percent cut to even existing pensioners and at precisely the same time the Wall Street Journal printed an article on the public pension fund squeeze.

I believe it was just two years ago that Riverside elected a new village president who promised to cut village expenditures. A review of your tax bill would reveal that Riverside expenditures are but a fraction of that which goes to Riverside-Brookfield High School and D96.

I feel that this proposed increase is unwarranted, but likewise to cut staff and support at this time is also unwarranted. I propose a smaller tax increase combined with a salary reduction. In this way, no one need lose their job and, equally important, the students will benefit from smaller class sizes.

Ron Smith