I appreciate the opportunity to rebut your endorsements for the District 95 school board. I agree that “things have been going pretty well” and I did not enter the race with any complaints about the current direction of the school district. However, I believe that a fresh perspective is also an asset. I bring that fresh perspective, open-mind and skills that are transferable to any team.

Through my 15-year career at Northern Trust Bank, I have acquired fiscal and project management skills that make me uniquely qualified to help the district navigate the tough position of building on its solid foundation and implementing new initiatives.

I have experience in soliciting and understanding stakeholders’ needs, consensus building and executing clear, actionable plans – while closely monitoring and adhering to a budget.

Given my sincere desire to see District 95 continue to meet and exceed the community’s expectations, I can promise you that, should I be elected, I will fully understand all issues that are brought before the board.

Any decision that I make will be well-researched, consistent with the district’s mission, focused on what is right for the students and be fiscally sound. Serving as a member of the school board is not about any one person’s agenda, it is in serving the best interests of all of our children and our community.

It is important that our students are engaged in their education and provided with the opportunity to grow and reach their potential through differentiated instruction. As a district, we also need to make sure that we stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the use of technology within the classroom.

Serving as a member of the school board is a tremendous responsibility and I would be honored to serve as a member.

Your vote counts on April 5, and with your support, I believe I can make a difference.

Brian Elwart, Rebuttal