As most residents know, the Riverside-Brookfield High School completed a major renovation and expansion in 2008. The school is located in a residential district of Riverside and is zoned residential. Riverside’s zoning code does not allow schools, public or private, in residential districts unless by “special use” as defined by code.

RBHS does not have a special use permit. Additionally, the school should comply to the requirements for bulk standards, set backs, yards, building lot coverage, impervious surfaces, etc, as specified in the zoning code.

However, at the time of the renovation and expansion, the previous village board and administration did not enforce the zoning code. And apparently, the high school did not even apply for a special use permit or a variance to the bulk requirements.

Now the high school is seeking additional funding. The school board should fully explain the issues related to the referendum question that will be on the April ballot. So far, the only thing we have seen from the school board is misleading information that underestimates the increase on real estate taxes for homeowners.

I am a proud 1951 graduate of Riverside-Brookfield High School. For more than seven decades my family has supported the schools in this village. But given the poor decisions and misleading information by the District 208 school board, I am hard pressed to continue my support.

I believe every taxpayer in Riverside and Brookfield should be asking if the school board has been a good steward and deserves our continued support.

Nicholas Cariello