Although our three children have graduated from RBHS and are now in college, my wife Patti and I will vote yes in support of the upcoming referendum on April 5. We do this in gratitude to the many teachers and staff, and in recognition that salaries must remain competitive to retain high-quality faculty.

RBHS is a top-ranked school, which is a key component of demand for housing within the district and maintaining property values. Voting yes is an investment in the RBHS community where we plan to live for years to come.

An education comes not only from work in the classroom, but is instilled in many critical ways through programs in athletics, music, arts and volunteerism. RB’s offerings for students have been exceptional. We still enjoy attending theatre, comedy, and dance performances, concerts by band, orchestra, and vocal groups, as well as sporting events that our children once participated in.

Our children were inspired to be at swim practices at 6 a.m. for Coach Todd Fridrych, stay until after 9 p.m. for musical practices with Mrs. Marelli, and attend weekly and weekend events working with the elderly at the British Home, special needs children through Best Buddies and Special Olympics.

Some may feel that such programs are superfluous to an education. On the contrary, we feel such programs are essential to helping a child develop character, self-confidence, appreciation for the arts, strong work ethic, a sense of community, and a desire to give back to others. These are the traits we want to see in all the children of District 208.

Allan Halline
Patti Perry