When David Kodama informed us of his intention to run for the District 96 Board of Education, we were overjoyed. We respect and admire David not only for his commitment to Riverside, but also for his ability to create a safe and positive environment for children in recreation.

David founded the Riverside Soccer Association, which was an organization that provided year-round soccer opportunities for boys and girls from first to third grade. This past year, he chaired the successful community event, Hullabalooza, at RBHS. He is also a founding member of the Community Events Council.

All of these accomplishments have greatly enhanced the lives of our children and our residents. These accomplishments didn’t come easy. But David has never shied away from what is difficult.

When confronted with seemingly impossible challenges, David has exhibited perseverance and positive energy. His initiative, courage and hard work have inspired others to join him in making Riverside better.

Over the past five years we have witnessed David’s constructive and inclusive approach breed optimism. Coupled with his proven passion for the children and the village of Riverside, David Kodama would make an excellent addition to the District 96 Board of Education.

Kevin and Susan Casey


Many people in the community have spoken to David Kodama’s credentials, and his commitment to our kids, and there’s no point in repeating what has already been communicated so well.

But one thing I’d like everyone in this district to know is that David Kodama offers a quality perhaps most needed in a school board member at this point in time in D96: willingness to question the status quo.

We need someone who will question, and that is David Kodama. We need someone who can play devil’s advocate, and that is David Kodama. He will not simply be a yes-man when what’s at stake are our kids, our schools, or our tax dollars.

Even if he stands alone, he will stand for what he believes is right by our kids and the future of our community. And that’s a quality that wins my vote. How about yours?

Karen Doornebos