I have had the good fortune of working with Hareena Meghani-Wakely for the past four years on the District 96 school board. Hareena has been a very valuable board member, and I feel strongly that it is in the best interest of all stakeholders for Hareena to continue on as a board member.

She brings a level of energy, experience, commitment and skills the board needs to retain. Hareena asks the hard questions and does not stop until her questions are answered. District 96 has been lucky to have her services.

The challenges faced by District 96, some old, some new, present themselves almost daily. As a community, we have supported and invested heavily in District 96, so it’s important to keep an engaged, experienced and important member on the board.

Please support Hareena with your vote on April 5.

Giles McCarthy

Giles McCarthy is a member of the District 96 Board of Education.


Values are critical in today’s world. I have known Hareena Meghani-Wakely for over 15 years and the educational values that she displays in her personal and professional life are the same as they are for me as a parent.

Hareena understands the importance of education in this country. She came to the United States from India not speaking English and graduated from Princeton University and earned a law degree. This is only possible because of her determination and hard work as a child and as an adult.

Hareena believes in paying it forward. She is committed to providing quality education to all children so they too may succeed in this country. She is able to do this by continuing her work as a school board member on the District 96 board. We the parents and taxpayers will all benefit from her hard work, education and experience.

I ask for your support on April 5 in re-electing Hareena Meghani-Wakely for the District 96 school board.

Fran Miglio


As a longtime resident and former District 96 school board member, I strongly recommend Hareena Meghani-Wakely for re-election to the District 96 school board.

My children and grandchildren were products of the District 96 school system, so I have first hand experience in the excellent education the district provides our community. I also recognize the important role an excellent school system plays in maintaining my property value. It’s no secret people move here so their children can attend our schools. The tradition of excellence in District 96 is well known, and is due to the teachers, administrators and the leadership of the board.

There will be many challenges facing the new board, including replacing key leadership, which will require the experience and leadership Hareena has demonstrated during her first term on the board. As chair of the Education Committee she has worked hard to ensure the district offers a challenging, well-rounded curriculum that is geared towards preparing our children for success in high school and college. Hareena has been instrumental in maintaining small class sizes and in making sure the many challenges faced by our children are addressed.

At the same time, Hareena has been sensitive to the difficult economic times families, including senior citizens, have faced. She has applied a thoughtful and critical approach to the financial decisions the board makes, without comprising the integrity of the education provided to our children.

In short, Hareena’s concern for our children, the taxpayers and the community has earned my support. I would ask you to also support Hareena Meghani-Wakely for the District 96 school board.

Martha Heine


For the past four years I have served on the District 96 school board with Hareena Meghani-Wakely. In her service on the board, she has been extraordinarily dedicated and professional, and it has been a privilege to work with her.

In board deliberations, Hareena has distinguished herself by speaking out and sharing her critical thinking and thoughtful insight. In addition, Hareena has worked tirelessly as the chair of the Education Committee to enhance existing programs and evaluate and bring much needed new programs to the district.

Hareena is a strong advocate for the children and has spent countless hours outside of formal meetings evaluating educational programs. She couples this with responsible stewardship in evaluating the potential costs of those programs.

In the next four years the community will need the insight, leadership, and that Hareena brings to the board. The new board will be charged with hiring a new superintendent as well a principal while simultaneously dealing with emerging issues brought on by enrollment changes and the state of Illinois’ proposed school district consolidation plan.

With three openings on the District 96 School Board it is essential that there is continuity, experience and expertise. With her experience and expertise, Hareena will provide essential leadership within a very young board. I feel strongly that the community needs to support Hareena Meghani-Wakely for re-election on April 5.

James Schraidt

James Schraidt is a District 96 school board member.


The next few years will be crucial to the continued success of District 96 and set the stage for its progress over the next decade. The only constants will be the many new challenges facing the district and the changes they will bring.

Doing more with less and still ensuring the high-quality education our children need and deserve will not be easy. We believe that the continued service of Hareena Meghani-Wakely on the District 96 board will go a long way toward ensuring that success.

Her service as a PTA president at Ames and current board member have been highlighted by her dedication to insuring that every child in the district has access to the high degree of educational excellence that District 96 represents. Her experience is needed to insure continued success.

Please support Hareena Meghani-Wakely for the District 96 School Board.

Colin and Carm Fagan