On Tuesday, April 5 our community will vote on the future path of RBHS. Our children learn at a very young age what makes up a community, neighborhoods, businesses and schools.

We, the community voted for education funding in the year 2000. Did RB deliver? Yes they did. Our curriculum was strengthened and our students have succeeded. The statistics reflect our graduation rate, college-bound rate and successful AP class participation and test success.

This is the world we are sending them into – challenging and diverse. Just take a look at national and world events. We need to make sure our children are prepared to enter their post-high school education fully prepared to meet the challenges that will be awaiting them.

We are a small school that offers a comprehensive education for all students with all types of learning styles and capabilities. When our students participate in fine arts and team activities they are learning important skills for a lifetime.

The community paid for us to go to school. It’s time to pay it forward and prepare our future. I vote yes for my second grade, seventh grade and 11th grade student.

Doris Perry
LaGrange Park