Thanks to those who took the time to call and support my opposition to the RBHS referendum. While I thought I was one of a very few who were against this massive tax increase, I was heartened to hear from others and see so many more letters against it.

Each week we see just how desperate the RB board and staff are to promote a yes vote. There seems to be a large lack of transparency and back-door politics going on that Mr. Bonnette is not aware of or turns a blind eye to. I wonder if the teachers’ cut OK’d at the March 21 board meeting is just another of its scare tactics. Why would you publish teachers’ names if the RIF notices have not been sent out?

I find it telling that the present board who authorized this referendum is not running for re-election, and ask why not? We’ve seen how past boards and administrations have not been good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars.

The only fair and honest solution to this fiasco is for Mr. Bonnette and the board to rescind this referendum and do it right next year with a new board in place and a better understanding and explanation of what is needed and how much is really required in order for RBHS to regain the confidence of taxpayers.

Mr. Bonnette must also effectively discipline those teachers and staff who have crossed the line and caused conflict and embarrassment. I don’t mean a slap on the wrist, but suspensions and dismissal of the ring leaders.

The finger seems to point to Assistant Principle Tim Scanlon as being the mastermind of the vote yes campaign. If Mr. Bonnette wants to salvage his credibility and be remembered for his past accomplishments, he must take a strong stand and do what is right. I would also request our local member of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office to look into investigating if the state’s Official’s and Employee’s Ethics Act was violated and file appropriate charges.

Frank C. Vlazny