There is a very important election in Brookfield April 5. The residents of Brookfield will have the chance to speak up and try to halt the fiscal abuse that has pervaded the administration.

The latest shoe to drop is the overcharging of the residents for construction in special assessment areas. If not for the due diligence of a property owner in one of the SAs, this misuse of residents’ funds may have gone undiscovered. The same type of subterfuge that existed with the library tax non-levy was evident in this latest cover up.

There is a definite lack of oversight exhibited by the village board, and this will undoubtedly continue if the PEP Party is allowed to continue their dominance. We must have trustees that will look out for the welfare of our residents. I implore the voters to get out and vote. We cannot keep our heads in the sand.

Will Brennan, Bill Russ and Doug Tremper are concerned and dedicated to improving the welfare of Brookfield’s residents. They will bring open government to Brookfield.

Andrew Prochaska