I have been a proud resident of Brookfield for nearly 40 years. My family and I love our community and we believe that PEP candidates Ryan Evans, C.P. Hall and Kit Ketchmark should be elected to serve our village board as trustees in the upcoming April election.

I know all three of these men and believe wholeheartedly that their devotion is to serving Brookfield and not to promote any personal agenda. Their service record to Brookfield proves this.

Evans, Hall and Ketchmark are strong, committed individuals who work diligently for Brookfield year in and year out. They spend their personal time serving on committees and organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Beautification Committee and Kiwanis or on previous village boards trying to enhance our community for our residents and visitors.

These three PEP candidates spend countless hours away from home and family to ensure that the best services and facilities are provided for our families in Brookfield. Let us learn from elections past and continue to move our village in the right direction. Please support PEP candidates, Evans, Hall and Ketchmark.

Carla Close Prosen


As a taxpayer, homeowner and trustee, I am thrilled that we have three excellent candidates for the Brookfield village board in the upcoming election. Having known all of them for many years I would like to share with you what I feel makes them the right choice for Brookfield.

C.P. Hall is the current trustee liaison to the Chamber of Commerce, keeping the village board informed on the important issues facing our business community. Having previously served as a trustee in the 1990s and possessing a prodigious memory, C.P. allows us to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. C.P. is also the only village board member or candidate who has served our county in uniform.

I first met Ryan Evans when he brought out large numbers of his S.E. Gross School students to volunteer at Project NICE. His energy, commitment and love of the town he grew up in were clear to me from the start. The Beautification Committee has been made all the better for his service and leadership as the chairman.

Kit Ketchmark is a Brookfield institution. His involvement with restoring the Korean War Memorial in Jaycee/Ehlert Park and his leadership of the Historical Society has preserved for all of us the best of Brookfield’s heritage. As a successful small business owner, he has a first-hand understanding of what the village should do to support local establishments.

All three are college graduates. All three volunteer countless hours of their time for worthy community groups and events. All three have the right attitude to help guide the future of Brookfield. I hope you will join me in supporting them on April 5.

Brian Oberhauser

Brian Oberhauser is a Brookfield village trustee.


Please consider the PEP Party when voting on April 5. Kit Ketchmark served on the village board for eight years, had to step down because of term limits, and is now back to serve the village as a dedicated trustee once again.

While serving as Trustee before he was our finance chairman, helping us remain in the black during these tough times despite the condition the budget was in when PEP took over in 2005.

C.P. Hall has been involved with the village in many ways. As village trustee he is our finance chairman, watching closely over the budget as we remain in the black. Ryan Evans, a lifetime resident of Brookfield, is running with PEP for the first time. He is the chairman of Brookfield’s Beautification Committee, a hardworking committee that has been working diligently on community art for Brookfield along with many other projects. Ryan is a seventh-grade social studies teacher at S.E. Gross and also serves as vice president of their teachers union.

All three candidates are very well-qualified for these three village trustee positions and deserve your vote to help keep Brookfield moving forward, especially during these tough times.

Cathy Colgrass Edwards

Cathy Colgrass Edwards is a Brookfield village trustee.


My family has a long history in Brookfield. My dad opened up the first flower shop in the village 65 years ago. I have owned property in Brookfield for over 40 years. In the past I was a full-time professional fireman for the Brookfield Fire Department.

I have supported the PEP Party for most of those years and still do today. I personally know the president and all the board members. They don’t do everything that I like, but I believed them to be very honest and that they are trying their best for the village.

I also do not want to see Bill Russ’ name again on all the village vehicles and entrance signs. That exercise in vanity cost us many thousands of dollars, both to put his name up and then later to be removed.

As a former Brookfield florist I was particularly upset when Russ used village funds to buy flowers in Cicero. We have several flower shops in town that could always use more business. I want my tax dollars kept in town.

For this and many other reasons, on April 5, I will be voting for C.P. Hall, Ryan Evans and Kit Ketchmark.

Trent Jenke


As a nine-year resident of Brookfield, I am quite pleased with the direction the PEP Party has taken us these past six years. The PEP Party won more than $11 million in grants.

They replaced the 35-year-old 911 system with a new state-of-the-art system. The PEP Party created a TIF district on Ogden to encourage and promote development. They initiated a large-scale improvement project to Ehlert Park.

They have made numerous street improvements and upgrades to the pedestrian bridge over Salt Creek by village hall. They gave us great big recycling cans, so that now we have enough room to contain recyclables, and the recyclables do not blow around in the alley. They file the financial audits on time, unlike the previous administration.

Most importantly, the PEP Party balanced the budget. The PEP Party has kept Brookfield running strong these past six years, and I would like to see them continue to do so. I can’t wait to see what improvements they are planning for the future of Brookfield.

Anita Gray