Everyone celebrates birthdays in a different way, and we’d like to wish a big happy birthday to the Riverside Public Library, which is celebrating its 80th birthday. Gee, it doesn’t look that old!

The exterior of the building may possess much of the old-world charm that it had on April 5, 1931, when it opened its doors, but the interior has all the modern amenities.

You can be part of the “80” celebration now through April 18 by going to the library and showing how the number 80 is a part of your life, so all of you octogenarians head over to the library.

Maybe you were born in 1980. Maybe 80 is in your address or phone number. You could have graduated in 1980 or moved to your house in 1980. Could be that new baby in the family is 80 days old or 80 months old – anything with the number 80 relating to you counts.

If you happen to fit in the “80” category in some way, simply bring yourself and documentation to the circulation desk at the library and you will receive an “80” gift courtesy of the Friends of the Library. See how clever you can be. Maybe I could bring in my 80th column or 80 columns … hmmm.

The fun will not stop there as many activities are planned for the next two weeks. I hope you didn’t miss the start of the celebration, which took place on April 3 with a music program. To find out more about how you can be part of the Riverside Public Library’s 80th birthday celebration contact the Library at 442-6366 or www.riversidelibrary.org.

Better yet, stop in and wish them a happy birthday. You’ll be surprised at what you see has occurred at the library in only 80 years.

Speaking of celebrating, birthday wishes go out to Father Michal Lewon of St. Mary’s, who celebrated his 30th birthday on April 3. By golly, the library was already 50 years old when he was born.

And if you are looking for more to do this weekend, you can participate in the St. Mary’s Crosstown Classic fundraiser at the parish center on April 9 or the RB Patrons’ Council auction fundraiser at the Brookfield Zoo also on April 9.