Riverside police on Friday issued two tickets to Village President Michael Gorman after Gorman reportedly failed to report that he struck a bicyclist with his car in the parking lot of the police station on April 8.

According to the police report, Gorman was slowly backing into a parking spot at 1:21 p.m. when he heard a thump and someone yell out. He exited his 2008 BMW 328XI and found that he had knocked a 39-year-old Riverside man off his bicycle.

Gorman told police he was pulling into one space near the sidewalk, but that it was blocked with a pile of mulch. Seeing another spot across the way at the rear of the lot, he decided to back into that one instead. While doing so, the victim pedaled behind Gorman’s car.

Video surveillance footage recovered by police shows Gorman talking with the victim for six minutes at the scene before the man, who reportedly has a mental disability, rides off on his bike.

Gorman at the scene also gave the man a business card that identified him as the village president. Gorman reportedly told police that he tried several times to get the man medical assistance, but that the man refused. Gorman told police that the man did not appear hurt and that his vehicle wasn’t damaged.

Later, however, the victim told his aunt that he had hurt his shoulder and head in the fall off his bike. His parents were out of town at the time of the accident, and they only learned about it when they returned on April 12, according to police.

On April 13, with his son still complaining of pain, the man’s father notified police of the incident and of Gorman’s involvement. Police reported that there was “minimal” damage to the rear fender on the man’s bicycle tire.

Reached Monday, the victim’s father said, “There is no story. It was an accident. That would be the extent of it.”

After interviewing the victim and Gorman, police issued the village president tickets for failure to give aid/information at an accident with injuries and improper backing. He posted $100 bond and awaits a court date.

“The bicyclist said he was not injured and refused to seek aid from the paramedics,” Gorman wrote in an emailed response to an inquiry from the Landmark. “I gave him my card and asked him to call if anything developed and he then rode away. The matter is being handled by my insurance company.”