I am thrilled to write this letter of “thanks” to a public service staff who shows kindness and professionalism in every way.

On a recent weekday morning, I had an occasion to visit the Riverside Public Library. As always, the staff is welcoming and warm. No question has ever gone unanswered.

During the hour-long visit to the library, I somehow lost my head. Unbeknownst to me, I had left my wallet behind at the computer station. It was an hour after I moved on from the library that I realized my mistake. I quickly high-tailed it back to the library to inquire about my lost wallet.

When I arrived, three staff members who know me by sight and name all approached me about the wallet which was recovered by a patron and turned in to the front desk. They had already attempted to contact me by phone, but there it was: right back in my hands.

Losing my wallet could have easily been a major headache for me. So much information is stored in there and you do not realize just how precious it is until you lose it.

So “thank you,” patrons and staff at the Riverside Library. You are all a lifesaver.

Mario Lavorato