The man who walked into a Riverside home in September and left after a physical confrontation with a 46 year old woman at the home was found guilty of residential burglary Thursday afternoon at the Maybrook courthouse. The jury took less than 20 minutes to find Martin Canonico, 58, guilty.

Canonico walked into the home on Addison while the homeowner was cutting the grass. Once inside he was confronted by homeowner’s adult daughter who also lived in the home.

He left the home after being confronted by the woman. She then chased after him and they had a brief physical altercation as she tried to detain him. Canonico evaded police for nearly three hours before he was arrested.

Although Canonico didn’t take anything from the home, the jury was convinced that he entered the home with intent to steal.

Canonico’s lawyers argued that he was just soliciting for a painting job and was at most guilty of criminal trespass to property, but the jury didn’t buy that argument.

Canonico will be sentenced on June 6. He faces four to 15 years of prison time according the Cook County State’s Attorney’s spokesman Andy Conklin. 

-Bob Skolnik