Matt Sinde was elected president of the Riverside Brookfield High School District 208 school board Thursday night. Sinde was chosen over newly elected board member Tim Walsh by a vote of five to one with one abstention shortly after the four new board members elected on April 5 were sworn in.

Voting for Sinde were holdovers Dan Moon and Mike Welch and newly elected board members Garry Gryczan and John Keen. Walsh, who was elected to the board on April 5, was nominated by Laura Hruska, who also was elected April 5. Hruska cast the only vote for Walsh. By the time Walsh had an opportunity to vote Sinde had already received the majority of the votes so Walsh abstained.

“I feel honored to be given this position,” Sinde said after his selection. “We as a board are heading into some trying times and we’ve got to be able to resolve this and we need strong leadership. And we also need leadership from the board, staff and also stakeholders to be able to come forward and make it happen.”

Sinde was elected to the District 208 school board in 2009 when he ran with Moon and Welch as part of a team.

Keen was selected board vice president prevailing over Walsh by a five to two margin with Walsh and Hruska voting for Walsh.