The response to my recent column was overwhelming, so while I am still in the royal mood, I will give you my take on the wedding of the decade, or even longer.

As I had planned, my alarm was set but obviously my anticipation of seeing the proceedings from beginning to end had me waking up without an alarm. Immediately I flipped on the TV, not wanting to miss a second and never left what I considered to be a prime viewing post, which you can imagine where that was.

As the two princes, William and Harry, exited their car, I was quite impressed. Men in uniform always seem to look good. William had the nervous groom look and Harry had that “scamp” look that we have grown to know and love. Even though his sometime girlfriend, Chelsea, was in attendance, I thought I saw him give Pippa Middleton the eye. Would like to have attended the party later!

Then came the moment. Kate arrived on the arm of her father, who I’m sure had the feelings of all dads as they “give their daughters away” and in another breath saying, “I’m glad I don’t have to pay for all this.” Kate was radiant, beautiful and all the other positive adjectives that could be added to describe just how lovely she looked. I don’t think she disappointed anyone when she said yes to that dress. Loved the jewels! Loved the tiara! Liked how she didn’t have to say “obey” in the vows and thought she probably could have left out the “poorer” part because the “richer” part is a given. Love when they drove off in the sports car! And wow, two kisses. That got the crowd going.

I enjoyed every minute of it and learned many things – the difference between a castle and a palace, what is a fascinator (those silly little sort of hats that I can’t figure how they stay on), and that Prince Charles has never put toothpaste on his toothbrush. No wonder his Mum won’t let him be king yet.

It was worth losing sleep over. May they be happy, happy for many years to come.

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