So now it begins. The Riverside-Brookfield High School board has cut the summer band program and as a result, the band cannot march in the Fourth of July parades in Riverside or Brookfield.

They say they cannot afford the $800 it will cost. Now they’re going to be fiscally responsible? Or are they being spiteful? Just who are they hurting, the taxpayers who voted the referendum down, or the band members?

Their action is a slap in the face to all Americans and what the Fourth of July stands for. It appears, according to the Landmark, that money is not the issue since both towns donate almost the entire cost for appearing to the school. So just what is the real reason?

If we have to have outside bands march in Riverside, so be it. I’ll gladly contribute part of what I would have had to pay in increased taxes to have a band in the parade. I think many other Riversiders would do the same.

Let’s honor those who fought and died for our freedom to celebrate The Fourth, and let’s not forget the Team 6 Seals who protect our safety and freedom.

Frank C. Vlazny