I wonder why the Illinois lottery was never mentioned while reading through all the pro and con letters prior to, during and now after the Riverside-Brookfield High School referendum.

Wasn’t it started 30-plus years ago to bring the schools’ financial problems out of the red, without having to constantly pile everything on the taxpayer’s backs? If I am correct, part of the lottery money was supposed to be put aside just for the schools, the rest for prizes and administration fees.

The lottery got bigger and bigger over the years, just like our tax bills. I never heard of the lottery reducing schools’ tax rates. What’s happening to all that “save the schools” money?

When I stand in line at the gas station to pay for my gas purchase, two or three people in front of me are buying instant lottery and Mega Bucks tickets. Grocery stores have instant-ticket vending machines, and Mega Bucks tickets are available at the service counter, so I know the lottery is still working.

Is the state funneling that income into different accounts? Is there any kind of an oversight group to watch out for this?

As far as District 208 being sued, what a waste of our money to have this out in court. What is this going to cost in legal fees – $25,000? $50,000? The RBHS board should handle this in house and suspend the people responsible, without pay, for a period of time.

We don’t need some out-of-area people wasting our money on this.

Charles Merson