We want to thank the Riverside-Brookfield High School Board of Education wholeheartedly for its support of the School of Environmental Education, or SEE Team, at Riverside-Brookfield High School.

Our daughter just finished her year in the program. We have noticed as she awakened to the world around us and have marveled seeing her begin to understand the interconnectedness of our lives.

Instead of retreating into the mind-numbing world of consumerism, which is an all-too-common risk for so many her age, she has grown in empathy and in love of learning.

She is becoming an engaged citizen concerned about her community, aware of the global economy in which we live, always looking for new ideas and making connections in ways that surprise us. The dramatic nature of her personal growth would not have been possible without the holistic nature of the SEE Team curriculum.

We are grateful for her to have had this experience. As we look ahead one year to 2012-13, we fervently hope that our next daughter will have the chance to join the same program. So, we have encouraged the board of education to make a strong recruitment push for students to join the SEE Team to ensure that the program has enough enrollees.

Finally, in an ocean of high schools trying to get their students prepared for college, the SEE Team provides a unique and especially valuable way to have good students stand out and be noticed by college admissions boards.

We hope parents, teachers and board members alike will all redouble their efforts to get the word out.

John Haugland and Connie Kelly